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How it works

Sensable is a “do it yourself” fully local platform or  cloud-based SaaS platform that integrates edge cameras with edge/cloud servers to deliver powerful intelligence and rich interactions across web, mobile, and APIs.

Our no-code technology enables you to easily define and monitor custom activities unique to your environment by combining the output of proprietary AI models with advanced activities composition.



Upload Video

  • Sensable is POC ready. Contact us to upload a video to experience the power at no cost.


Fully Local or Cloud only Arch

  • Setup in a few minutes!! Works with almost all IP cameras.

Edge supported Arch

  • Rapid setup in less than an hour. Ideal for sharing. Video never leaves the facility and works with almost all IP cameras.



Easy to setup and configure

  • Sensable supports several out-of-the-box template activities.

  • Customers can create custom safety and operational activities in minutes. No model training is required.


Rich Analytics

  • Sensable creates the actionable end of shift reports, end of day reports and daily/weekly trend reports.

  • Get custom cycle time, histograms and 360 degree analysis reports using our report wizard

Activity Timelines

  • Sensable provides interactive event timelines for all activities.

  • Select focus for 5 minutes or see a whole day timeline


Manage Your Clips

  • Sensable provides playlists of all activities.

  • Create your own custom playlist based on the type of activity, duration of activity or other filters

Key Capabilities

Custom activity setup with virtual objects and 360 degree analysis using multicamera:

Sensable proprietary grammar (exposed using a friendly wizard) helps users capture complex activities in their environment.

Out of the box ability to detect several objects such as Human, pose, lights, FL, Boxes, tools etc.

Create virtual objects by defining attributes of objects.

Create complex sequence of events to get a  360-degree view for deep analysis.


Get an analytic view of what happened in the day and how it deviates from the plan.

Real time Dashboard

Get instant view of what's happening where from the live summary report.

Training clips

Create training clips from activity playlists.

Alerts and notifications

Set notification for individual activities or get an end of the day summary of what happened

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