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Reduce on-site travel

Watch it live as it happens, or schedule timed recordings to observe processes from anywhere in the world at any time.

Cover more ground

AI-assisted analysis tracks regions of interest to automatically process hours of repetitive video into detailed activity reports.


Work as a team

Project based web application makes it easy to share your findings with fellow engineers and collaborate in real-time.

IT friendly

Fast setup. Easy administration. Bundle includes HD cameras, WiFi or PoE ready networking and GPU powered edge server.

Remote vision

Ultra HD 4K cameras with remote control pan, tilt and optical zoom. Watch live or go back in time. No storage limits.

Private and secure

Video streaming uses HLS with AE-256 encryption. AI processing runs on local edge servers. Video securely stored at customer site.

Easily add remote video observation to your next project.

Area of interest

Draw on-screen annotations to setup regions of interest. Machine learning AI models automatically detect specified objects and related activities.

Activity reports

Spatio-temporal object tracking between frames and cameras. Measures activity duration, start and stop times. Quickly navigate video markers to view results.


Combine reports from multiple cameras to track performance at work stations in the same facility or across the world. Support best practice sharing.

Quickly process hours of video into detailed activity reports.


Secure sharing

Start your project. Invite team members to view live video streams, stored recordings, and summary activity reports.


Web-based collaboration for your distributed team. View, edit and comment to share ideas and best practice learnings.

Open API

Connect with your existing workflows, export data into statistical analysis, visualization tools and monitoring systems.

Collaborate and share best practices across multiple sites.


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