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Sensable is a vision AI-based solution that provides always-on visibility into daily workforce interactions with machines and materials across all the shifts, in both standard and non-standard (unstructured) environments. 


Sensable Enables

  • Rapid Time studies & Continuous Monitoring

  • Robotic deployment analysis

  • Machine outage analysis

  • Parts quality to reduce waste

  • Advanced ML and AI to correlate events across cameras

  • Custom Models

Without continuous and detailed time studies optimizations you might lose millions of dollars due to

Missed throughput targets

  • Identify throughput bottlenecks

  • Unplanned downtimes are more than planned.

  • Avoid too many unhandled exceptions for your robotic deployments 

Low process efficiency

  • Cycle time variability

  • Too many interruptions

  • Tired employees (ergonomics)

Poor Visibility

  • Safety challenges due to best practices violations.

  • Missed inspection or assembly steps

Sensable offers affordable custom solutions with demonstrable ROI and quick time to value. It is easy to get started with Sensable with just 1 or 2 cameras.

Sensable product offerings enable the following use cases:

TimeStudies: Human activities and material movement

Robot Deployments: Explore activities to make robotic projects successful

EHS: Ergonomics, Safety and Training

Custom Models:  Your AI/CV team can import their custom models

Continuous Monitoring: New line introduction, missed steps  


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